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As a consulting services firm, we provide free audits of various financial services to help reduce costs, optimize receivables and payables, create revenue streams and rebates, increase the security of payments, and develop marketing strategies that ultimately help maximize and improve cash flow.


How are you currently taking in payments from your customers? While there are a number of solutions available to accept payments of all types, not all of them are cost effective, compliant, or easy to manage. We help you take what can sometimes be a complex and expensive process and turn it into a streamlined, easy to use, cost effective solution that has immediate positive impact to your bottom line.


Optimize and streamline the way you are paying your vendors and suppliers while receiving MONTHLY rebates back on your entire spend. Already have a program in place? No problem – We will still perform a full audit to ensure that you are receiving the maximum amount of rebates, capturing all of your spend accordingly, and using a minimal amount of internal resources to reconcile and track data.

Marketing & Strategy

Businesses rely on both establishing new customers and creating repeat customers to grow their business and increase revenue. During our audit process, we help you identify gaps within your organization as it pertains to data and consumer analytics, exposure (website, mobile apps, advertising) customer experience, and cross networking within the community.


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